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How do I search my saved entries?

To search your entries, visit your Entries page.

1. In the top right corner, you will notice a search box.

Picture 2

2. Enter your search term (or terms) and click on the “Go” button. Your results will appear below. To clear the search field, delete the words or letters in it or click on the “x” in the blue Search filter bar to display all of your entries again.

Picture 3

Search indexing isn’t in real-time, and can take up to a minute for our system to acknowledge certain words. For instance, if you write an entry at 8:01 pm that has the word “trip” in it, searching for “trip” may not yield any results until after 8:02 pm. Sometimes it’s faster (and sometimes slower), but this is something we’re constantly improving.

Note: We can’t search encrypted entries. For Pro users that have entries that have been locked with encryption, unfortunately we can’t search the contents of that entry until it has bee unlocked.


  1. I am a Penzu pro user and have started using it for note taking and daily journaling. I am disappointed by the lack of substring search in my entries. For example let us say that I have the string “placement” in one of my entries, and I want to search for the word “place”. When I search all all my entries, the post with the word “placement” does not show up. It should show up if the search looked for substrings and not an exact match. Can you confirm if this is being looked at as an enhancement?


    Koushik, February 1 2011   2:42 pm

  2. We agree! This is a problem with our infrastructure at the moment. To enable substrings, we would need to index many orders of magnitude more and thus would drastically slow down search on our current server. We are working on improving search on the whole (indexing takes long enough as it is) so hopefully we’ll improve this in the coming months. Thanks for the question!

    Penzu Support, February 1 2011   5:15 pm

  3. I was glad to find that I had no problem to write my diary in Korean. However, it was disappointing that search did not work for Korean letters (or any 2 byte asian characters or unicode characters). Both of the full word search and partial string search did not work. I was about to upgrade to the Pro version, however, if the search for Korean letters are not supported, I have to think again.

    I hope Penzu solves this problem as soon as possible.

    Nick, April 6 2011   2:22 am

  4. Hi Nick,

    We don’t support languages other than English at the moment. Sorry!

    Penzu Support, April 6 2011   2:06 pm

  5. Hi,
    A feature I would like is searching all of the entries of a journal for a string not just the current opened entry.

    Susan, December 6 2011   4:44 pm

  6. Thank you for pointing out the “serach” feature and it does work the way you explained.
    Could it be arranged that whatever letters or word that one is seaching for be hightlighted in some manner in the entry so as to find it quickly?

    Jerry, August 9 2012   12:13 pm

  7. While this is not currently an option, we may consider adding it in the future. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Penzu Support, August 12 2012   10:46 am

  8. The search feature does not seem to be available on mobile devices (like my iPhone). What’s up with that? It would be convenient to have that function on the mobile devices as well. Thanks for considering!

    Eddy, January 22 2013   6:32 pm

  9. Eddy – While search is not currently available in our native iOS and Android apps, we do hope to add it as a feature in the future. You can currently search using our mobile web app, however. You can read more about that here:

    Penzu Support, March 4 2013   10:05 am

  10. When I search for a word, Penzu tells me which entry has that word, but I would like it to be able to then highlight that word within the entry to help me locate it. My entries are very long, so the main reason I would use search is to see where that actual word is in the entry. Can this be done?

    Zoe Ann, May 3 2014   8:41 am

  11. Zoe – While this is not currently an option, we may consider adding it in the future. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Penzu Support, May 8 2014   7:59 am

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