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Where are all of my saved entries?

Your saved entries can be viewed on the Entries page, which can be accessed by clicking the Entries tab on the side of the pad. A picture of the tab is below:



  1. I just registered for the Free account. I am really just interested in a place to Journal. Where are all these entries saved? On my own hard drive or out on a Penzu Server? I haven’t practiced yet much.. but I assume you can organize your entries such that you can easily go back and review etc..??


    Jeanne Vogel, May 6 2010   3:54 pm

  2. All entries are saved safely and securely on our servers. If you would like to keep a backup copy of entries on your computer, you can export your entries as an XML file with a Penzu Pro account.

    Penzu Support, May 7 2010   3:51 am

  3. I just registered for the Free account. I am really just interested in a place to Journal. Where are all these entries saved? On my own hard drive or out on a Penzu Server? I haven’t practiced yet much.. but I assume you can organize your entries such that you can easily go back and review etc..??

    Kimmie, July 12 2010   9:39 am

  4. All entries are stored safely on our servers and backed up daily. If you upgrade to a Penzu Pro account, you can export your entries to an XML file so you may keep a local backup should you require. And yes, you can easily return to your entries at any point and review them (among other great features like search!).

    Penzu Support, July 12 2010   11:01 am

  5. Question I just purchased the pro account and was curious if there is a version you can download to your laptop to journal while on holiday. I will not have access to the internet while I’m gone but it a perfect time to get to journal while I have free time and am taking my pictures..

    Bridget, July 28 2011   12:08 am

  6. I’m interested in upgrading, for the encryption feature. What happens if I export though? Does the output file get sent over a secure connection?

    Simon Lewis, August 24 2011   6:01 pm

  7. You can’t export locked entries!

    Penzu Support, December 29 2011   5:15 am

  8. Not at the moment, no. Working on it though!

    Penzu Support, December 29 2011   5:22 am

  9. If I decide to just print out my work or put it into my personal laptop with no connection to the internet and I delete the entry will it still be saved somewhere? Will your servers still have the data floating around?

    Adrian, February 15 2012   5:37 am

  10. Hi Rebecca – please email us for help on this. Thanks!

    Penzu Support, May 15 2012   3:23 am

  11. Adrian – deleted entries are removed forever!

    Penzu Support, May 15 2012   3:34 am

  12. Is there a tutorial on how to get this to work? I can’t figure out how to use all these qualities , they don’t even show up. I paid all this money for pro and a web site and I don’t k ow how to use any of it. Help please

    Pati, May 15 2012   12:11 am

  13. If I decide to delete my account and because the entries are saved on your server, will I be able to delete what is on your server or will someone still have access to my private entries?

    Tia Harris, January 2 2013   1:47 pm

  14. how do I connect my smart phone to my laptop penzu? I do have pro.

    lori forster, January 19 2013   12:34 am

  15. I was informed that my penzu pro account had expired. I paid for another year, but now I can’t access any of my entries. This is very frustrating. On one device it still says I haven’t renewed. On another I just have no past entries. The reason I paid was to get access to my old entries.

    AH, February 4 2013   6:47 pm

  16. I had created a free accout three years ago, and have Been recieving emails of my old journal logS. Im curious to read them again and im not able to do so unless i upgrade to pro and i have always and still have the free version, which i enjoy. Is there a way for me to retrieve these logs?

    Vanessa, February 12 2013   4:31 am

  17. Hi Venessa. You should be able to downgrade your old Pro account and retain your old entries!

    Penzu Support, February 25 2013   9:36 pm

  18. Hi AH. Just go to for further assistance. Thanks!

    Penzu Support, February 25 2013   9:38 pm

  19. Lori – Simply log in to the mobile app using your account credentials, and then use the ‘Backup & Sync’ button to synchronize your mobile device with your account.

    Penzu Support, March 4 2013   9:59 am

  20. My pro account was billed, but now I can’t get most of my 2012 entries. 9 pages are all I can access and most of them are since Jan 2013
    If I downgrade do I get a refund?
    If I can’t access my entries, what’s the point ?

    Ed, April 21 2013   5:35 pm

  21. Ed – Renewing your Pro account should not have any affect on your entries. If you still can not locate your other entries please contact us at for further assistance.

    Penzu Support, April 26 2013   8:00 am

  22. is it possible to combine entries? I wish there was a button that would allow me to combine two or three entries into one. I guess I can copy and passed but that would be a lot of work if i want to combine all the entries I email in one day into one big entry at the end of the day.

    Chefi, May 10 2013   5:48 am

  23. Chefi – At this time there is no way to automatically combine multiple entries. Sorry!

    Penzu Support, May 21 2013   8:23 am

  24. i opened up my penzu account and my saved entry is gone that i have been saving since January 2013. it was a locked entry and so when i unlocked it nothing was there. what is going on with this? where is my journal? i am very upset and need this matter resolved asap.

    Tamara King, June 1 2013   10:42 am

  25. Tamara – Please contact us at for further assistance.

    Penzu Support, June 3 2013   8:40 am

  26. As somebody asked, is there a tutorial to use the program? I signed up for the PRO but am having difficulty with opening my previous entries. I have been writing for the last 4 days.
    Thanks you

    lakshmi Murali, June 17 2013   4:00 pm

  27. Lakshmi – While there is no tutorial, we do have help topics for our most commonly asked questions. If you are still having trouble viewing your entries on the Entries page as described above, please contact us at for further assistance.

    Penzu Support, June 25 2013   8:51 am

  28. Is there a version of the app where I can have my entries saved locally instead of on your servers. In the wake of the NSA privacy scandal I really don’t want to put anything private on ANY remote server. If not, will there be an upgrade in the future to facilitatee this?


    JJ, August 4 2013   4:18 am

  29. JJ – You can use our native iOS and Android apps without logging in to your Penzu account (or even needing a Penzu account). This will make it so that syncing is not available, meaning that all the entries you create on your mobile device will only be stored locally there, and will not be synced to our servers. This will also mean, however, that there will be no backups of your entries should you ever lose your phone or switch to a different phone, and that we will be unable to help should you ever forget a password to your journal or entries.

    Penzu Support, August 5 2013   11:34 am

  30. I have been a pro user for several years and the latest entry I can pull up are from October 2013. Can you tell me where my past entries have gone? It kind of defeats the reasoning for journaling if I cannot access my history of entries. Please help.

    James, March 15 2014   7:47 pm

  31. James – We do see entries in your account dating back to May of 2010. You should be able to see these entries on your Entries page, although they may not all be on the first page of entries. If you continue to have issues, please contact us at for further assistance.

    Penzu Support, March 17 2014   3:48 pm

  32. My entry I wrote in suddenly the text deleted itself and now it’s blank!!! How do I get what I had written back

    Ciara, August 17 2014   7:54 pm

  33. Ciara – So sorry to hear this! Please contact us at and let us know the title of the entry you are having troubles with.

    Penzu Support, August 18 2014   12:23 pm

  34. I have spent hours and hours writing my life story and all of a sudden its gone blank Please please please tell me is there anyway of getting this back !

    Melissa, September 21 2014   11:44 am

  35. Hi Melissa – a copy of your entry has been restored! -Penzu Support

    Penzu Support, September 22 2014   1:05 pm

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