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How much does Penzu Pro cost?

Penzu Pro costs $19 US per year. There is no tax or extra charges. You can pay with VISA, MASTERCARD, and Paypal here. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee with all purchases. Read more about our refund policy here.


  1. I just wanted to ask,Is penzu pro version accessible to the US region only??
    If not,Hopefully..Please suggest away to go pro.

    Smruti, April 18 2011   9:02 pm

  2. Nope, you can upgrade to Penzu Pro anywhere so long as you have a credit card or Paypal account!

    Penzu Support, April 18 2011   9:04 pm

  3. The previous comment about a family sharing a diary is an interesting one, one that could provide expanded revenue for the site by encouraging more open and honest communication , resolve issues with one another, one degree separated so there is time to think before we speak (or type). Granted, in person is talking preferred, but we have become such a fractured society,busyiness interfering with open and caring exchanges since time is in such short supply, it seems. This could be a tool to heal, a positive step in the event of misunderstandings, a celebration of family!
    A “Family Plan” that could be tiered? And families could mark their progress over time celebrate their successes, commiserate when life is beating you down . Individual accounts a bit cheaper under a “family name” with a collective journal that is shared and all could post in as a bonus?
    Just a thought :)

    Barbara S, May 26 2011   5:26 pm

  4. I signed up for a one-year subscription at a 20% discount. will that same discout be available if I renew my subscription (when this one expires) to five years?

    Alan, September 22 2011   5:54 pm

  5. If I join up Pro for a year and decide not to renew what happens then? Can I just continue using the basic Penzu?

    Helen, September 26 2011   2:34 am

  6. Unfortunately that discount is only available at the start. So if you purchase a one or even a five-year subscription, the discount applies to that purchase only and not to any renewals.

    Penzu Support, December 29 2011   5:06 am

  7. Yes! If you decide you don’t like Penzu Pro, you can downgrade to the Free version and all your entries will be intact. You will just lose customizations, tags, and other Pro features. Also, if you had more than one journal, they’ll all be compiled into one.

    Penzu Support, December 29 2011   5:11 am

  8. If I ever want this journal printed is that possible?

    paige WOrthington, March 21 2012   3:37 am

  9. Unfortunately not. Penzu Pro can only be bought on a yearly basis.

    Penzu Support, May 15 2012   3:01 am

  10. Yep! You can print your journal from your entries page. Just select all entries and click the print button!

    Penzu Support, May 15 2012   3:25 am

  11. Hi!

    can we have our entries in FULL in our computers? I mean i would like to have it as an html or something, including photos?

    Not only as pdf , or any other static way…

    Elias Stassinos, May 25 2012   4:47 pm

  12. Does regular Penzu cost money?

    Kendra, May 28 2012   4:14 pm

  13. I’m a little unclear on the referral program. If your friend pays for a Penzu Pro account through your referral link, is the Pro upgrade for the original account just for a year or permanent?

    Katie, July 2 2012   1:58 pm

  14. Hi Katie – For every referral you get a one year upgrade to Penzu Pro! If you’re already a Pro user, you’ll get an extension for another year. Learn more at

    Penzu Support, July 9 2012   1:24 pm

  15. @Kendra – Nope! Totally fee! Signup at

    Penzu Support, July 9 2012   1:56 pm

  16. @Elias – you can download entries as a TXT file using our export function. Learn more here:

    Penzu Support, July 9 2012   1:59 pm

  17. As a basic Penzu user, how do I link into your “prompt” section? is there a cost to use/access the prompts? Thanks.

    Terri, August 17 2012   9:51 pm

  18. As a free user, you still have access to some Prompt features! When creating an entry, you will see a lightbulb icon at the top right of the page. Clicking on this will open up a prompt to get you inspired to write. You can also use Prompts with our Reminders feature, including a prompt with each of your reminder emails. You can get this all set up on your Settings page.

    Penzu Support, August 28 2012   9:31 am

  19. Hi! Does the classroom account require you have a Penzu Pro account? If so, how much is it for updating into both Penzu Pro and classroom for a year? Are there any special discounts for both? Thanx!

    Joy, November 17 2012   10:08 am

  20. Joy – A Penzu Classroom account includes all the benefits of a Penzu Pro account. The cost of Penzu Classroom is $49 per year. You can read more about it here:

    Penzu Support, November 19 2012   9:18 am

  21. Hi Penzu,

    I am thinking to downgrade from Penzu Pro to the Free Account. Can you tell me what will change?
    Thank you!

    Kim E, January 23 2013   10:01 pm

  22. Kim – Upon downgrade all of your entries will still remain in your account but all Pro formatting and features will be lost. If you had multiple journals, downgrading will merge them into one journal. If you would like encrypted entries/journals to be available in your Free account, they must be unlocked first, as they will be removed otherwise.

    Penzu Support, March 4 2013   10:10 am

  23. I’m thinking of getting the pro version. I am in the UK and your prices are in US dollars.
    I would pay by Visa so how do I get on a UK version? Also I intend to use the pro version to store VERY VERY sensitive info such as bank account details, passwords, security answers etc: Unuatherised access to this info, even by Penzu staff would be disastrous. Can I be totally assured that not even Penzu staff could access this info? Thanks

    Trevor, March 11 2013   5:03 am

  24. Trevor – When you purchase a Pro account with your UK Visa, you should just be charged in GBP at the current conversion rate. We recognize that User Data is private and confidential. Ergo, any unauthorized reading or sharing of User Data or User Entries is forbidden by Penzu and Penzu Employees. Doing so would violate this Privacy Policy and the ethos of our Company and Service. Using our encryption lock option also allows you to store your info in an encrypted state, that can only be decrypted by you.

    Penzu Support, March 14 2013   8:38 am

  25. I didn’t have to pay for Penzu when I first signed up. Why is it that I have to pay for it now? I have a lot of journal entries and I don’t want to pay $19 to access them when they were previously free. I have had the same account for about 2 years.

    Kailey, March 20 2013   12:44 am

  26. Kailey – You can continue to use your free account for as long as you want, without the need to upgrade to Pro. While Penzu Pro offers several additional features and benefits over a free account, there is no requirement to upgrade.

    Penzu Support, March 21 2013   7:59 am

  27. i typed my email wrong can i get my account back

    mick, April 9 2013   4:54 pm

  28. Mick – Please contact us at for further assistance.

    Penzu Support, April 10 2013   9:00 am

  29. Can I upgrade to pro “in app” on my iphone?

    Kari, April 30 2013   3:24 pm

  30. Kari – You sure can! You can either click on the ‘Backup & Sync’ button on the journals page, or use the option on the Settings tab to upgrade. Both of these should start the process and give you the option to upgrade.

    Penzu Support, May 6 2013   7:57 am

  31. Hi,
    Have you ever considered making a version for therapists to use? I would love this for my online therapy business. I would want something similar to the Penzu classroom, but don’t really need the grading, assignment, and sharing with the classroom features. Let me know if you decide to do so.

    Bree, May 17 2013   10:51 pm

  32. Bree – We haven’t, but thanks for the suggestion! We’ll add it to our list.

    Penzu Support, May 21 2013   8:27 am

  33. Hello,,,,, I have a question about upgrading to PenzuPro,,,, say that I upgrade for one year…. at the end of the year I don’t want to upgrade for another year….. I know that my account will then revert to the free version BUT does that mean that I lose all the “pro” benefits in the journals that I did use,,,, like separate journal and/or different fonts. I don’t mind paying for it but what happenes to all my changes if I just want to use the free version? Are all my “improvements” done throughout that one year lost? thank you

    Lily, June 6 2013   4:55 pm

  34. Lily – Upon downgrade all of your entries will still remain in your account but all Pro formatting and features will be lost. If you had multiple journals, downgrading will merge them into one journal. Please make sure that all of your encrypted entries have been unlocked before you do so, as they will be lost otherwise.

    Penzu Support, June 10 2013   8:25 am

  35. I recently opened a free account and am enjoying the user-friendly interface. I’m now thinking of upgrading so that I can have several journals. My question – Would I be able to post date the journal entries? For example, I’d like to start a journal recounting events from the past beginning from the actual date in the past. This doesn’t seem possible in the free version.

    Birgit, June 11 2013   10:09 pm

  36. Birgit – Yes, you can. Please see this help article for more info:

    Penzu Support, June 12 2013   7:11 am

  37. I run an online therapy practice and would like to offer an online journal option. If I use the Penzu classroom for this purpose, will the name of patients (added as students) be visible for other patients? If so, is there a way of blocking this?

    Eva, July 2 2013   2:29 pm

  38. Eva – Students/patients would not be able to see the names of other students/patients. There is an option to share an entry a student is submitting with the rest of the class, but this does not show any names, and is unselected by default.

    Penzu Support, July 3 2013   9:24 am

  39. Penzu seems very safe and protected except on one point. If you forget to sign out your diary is freely available to anyone else who has access to the same digital device. This is especially a problem with mobile phones or iPads that frequently get past around among friends and also may be lost or stolen or at times even confiscated by parents if used by teenagers. Safe and encrypted e-mail accounts and banking websites have a feature that automatically signs you out if there has been no activity in a specified time span. Could you add a feature like that to Penzu?

    Eva, July 8 2013   2:58 pm

  40. Eva – You can already set up your account to automatically log out after a period of inactivity. Please see this help article for more information: When using the Penzu app on your mobile device, you can also set up a 4-digit PIN lock that will automatically lock the app whenever you leave it. This help article explains how this works:

    Penzu Support, July 10 2013   9:07 am

  41. I am considering getting an online account, as I am tired of pen-to-paper writing and it hurts my hands because I have Cerebral Palsy. I have noetbooks in my drawer from where I would start writing in them, but gave up because I would lose interest in writing physically, as it would drain my energy. I am unsure of which account to get. I don’t always have access to the internet. Will I be able to write in my account offline if I am not in an area where internet is available? Does Pro offer this feature if I purchase it? I am on a fixed income and want to get my moneys worth! LOL! I am glad I found you all! Thanks!

    Jenny, September 16 2013   12:57 am

  42. Jenny – With a Penzu Pro account you will have mobile access through our mobile apps. These do support offline journalling. You can learn more about these here:

    Penzu Support, September 16 2013   8:14 am

  43. I’ve been using the Penzu service for several months and love it enough to consider going Pro–but the yearly fee is holding me back. Is there no option for a “lifetime” one-time subscription fee instead?

    Morgan, November 8 2013   1:58 pm

  44. Morgan – At this time we do not offer a lifetime membership, just yearly ones. You can however purchase multiple years at a time for greater savings!

    Penzu Support, November 12 2013   8:41 am

  45. Penzu Pro feature list mentions Encryption. Does it mean the free version is not encrypted or safe enough? what kind of security is available with the free version.

    Lisa, December 8 2013   5:49 am

  46. Hi Lisa – the free version is absolutely safe and secure on our servers but for extra security and encryption options we recommend upgrading to Pro!

    Penzu Support, December 9 2013   3:45 pm

  47. I am from india and want to have a pro account so how much it will cost for one year in INR ??

    shashank, December 27 2013   7:19 am

  48. I am concerned about the security of the diary, as if I write very personal info such as my atm pin or bank info or some passwords then may be accessible to your servers also so what is the gurantee that it will not be leaked by your staff(talk about free version only).

    shashank, December 27 2013   7:23 am

  49. Hi there,

    We charge in US dollars and it will fluctuate depending on the exchange rate but will be somewhere around $1,180INR

    Penzu Support, December 28 2013   7:27 pm

  50. We can assure you that nobody on the Penzu team has access to your entries! If you have a Pro account you can also lock your entries with encryption lock for even further security.

    Penzu Support, January 8 2014   11:59 am

  51. Hi, could entries be in regular Penzu be printed, or do you have to be Pro member? Thanks.

    Anna, April 16 2014   4:30 pm

  52. Hi Anna,

    You can print entries either way!

    -Penzu Support

    Penzu Support, April 30 2014   3:45 pm

  53. Just playing around with the demo version and am very intrigued. Have several questions:
    1. don’t see a way to right or left-justify a photo and wrap text around it the way you can do with HTML. Is this feature available? Would love it if I could to that.
    2. Is there a way to add a custom font? There’s a way to create a custom font based on one’s own handwriting. It would be way cool to be able to add your own handwriting font and use it with the journal.
    3. Is there a way to add a caption to a photo? For a travel journal, or any other, it’d be ideal to be able to capture each individual photo… Use a different text style and have it automatically formatted same width as photo.
    thanks, F

    Faith, May 1 2014   1:55 pm

  54. …and one more question. Would also be awesome to be able to view a journal in a two-page spread, the way one view’s a “real journal.” Any chance this feature is available? Thanks again.

    Faith, May 1 2014   1:58 pm

  55. Faith – At this time there is no way to wrap text around a photo as you have described, nor is there the ability to add custom fonts. We will add both of these suggestions to our list! You can add a caption to a photo that you attach to the entry margin, as explained in this help article:

    Penzu Support, May 8 2014   8:02 am

  56. Faith – Unfortunately there is no two page viewing option at this time. We will also add this suggestion to our list.

    Penzu Support, May 8 2014   8:02 am

  57. I’d like to copy my journal entries with the photos into a softcover book using a product like Is that possible? If not, do you have other ideas for publishing my Penzu journal and photos? Thank you!

    Char, May 12 2014   12:10 am

  58. Hi there – unfortunately we don’t have any publishing options at this time. – Penzu Support

    Penzu Support, May 12 2014   12:39 pm

  59. Hello. I was wondering if there is or will be an option to upload video to your entry as well as photos? Thank you.

    April, June 5 2014   3:49 pm

  60. Hi there – unfortunately we don’t offer that option at this time. – Penzu Support

    Penzu Support, June 6 2014   1:12 pm

  61. I have the basic account but can’t remember my password. Tried the “forgot” link which prompts me to upgrade only, which asks for my password, which I can’t remember. I’m stuck in a loop, please help. I do not want to upgrade.

    Lei, August 1 2014   5:23 am

  62. Hi Lei – Are you trying to rest this from a mobile device (a PRO service)? If you can try the process from a desktop or laptop you should be ok! -Penzu Support

    Penzu Support, August 1 2014   3:03 pm

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